Divided into 4 intricately divided rooms, Club LA BOOM Montreal is a prime destination within Montreal clubs. Its four rooms offer something for everyone and give you the choice of ambiance and vibe.

1Club, 2Floors, 5DJ's and 4 rooms, La Boom is located at 1254 Stanley in the heart of downtown Montreal and with 25 bartenders to serve the 1500 partiers, Club la boom Montreal is the ultimate party environment. That is why we support Club LA BOOM Montreal.

Because of its four separate and well thought out concepts, each section with its own decor and selected heart thumping music.

Club Muzique

Picture a world where the champagne never stops flowing, the music never stops playing, the jewels never come off and the party never ends…

Now throw in gourmet hors d'oeuvres, Montreal's nightlife elite, international glitterati, the thumping sounds of decadent modern house music, the sexy sounds of R&B and the guitar riffs of old time rock and roll.

Stir up the action with a star-studded guest list and you're in for three nights of absolute ecstasy as Montreal's high end destination alongside Grey Goose ''The World's Best Tasting Vodka'' and the beautiful NIYKEE HEATON bring you the art of indulgence for your Grand Prix Weekend.

On Friday June 10th, Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th, celebrities, seasoned jet setters and nightlife connoisseurs will walk through the doors of Montreal's premiere entertainment complex for an experience in celebration of the high life.

Muzique will be transformed into a glittering paradise where the red carpet is laid out for a weekend of non-stop over consumption, presenting the rare opportunity to see, hear, taste, smell and feel true luxury.

''Featuring multiple themed rooms and a uniformly high-end approach to the whole experience, Muzique is one of Montreal's finest clubs'' AskMen Magazine

''Muzique possibly have the hottest women you will ever find in a nightclub in Canada''

Time Supperclub

Sleek and sophisticated see-and-be-seen Supper Club that has brought a whirlwind of Miami and New York glam to downtown Montreal. Located in a drab industrial area, there is nothing drab about Time once you step into its refined interior.

Done up in all-white 1940s art deco plush, the pale upholstery is offset by a beautiful burnt-orange glow that seems to tan the well-groomed regulars.

The centrepiece is a red-under-lit catwalk that runs through the club, and along which magazine cover regulars strut and preen, a packed dance floor either side of them. Add state-of-the-art lighting and sound, exquisite cocktails, rare juicy steaks and fine old world service by sexy young wait staff, and you half expect Frank and Ava to pull up next to you.

Thursdays Nightclub

At once a bistro, a bar and a trendy club, Thursday's offers three different lifestyles on three levels, all under one roof!

Come see us on Crescent Street for a true downtown experience and discover our new setting that'll remind you of our glorious history!


On June 7th, Place des arts will be hosting An evening with… Al Pacino produced by Productions Revel and Amusic. The evening offers the public an opportunity to get up close and share a unique moment with one of the most riveting stars of the film industry, Al Pacino.

An evening with… Al Pacino will consist of 3 components:

• A cocktail reception before and after the event with a limited number of guests. Also, a photo shoot with Al Pacino will ensue.
• One hour on-stage interview projected on a state-of-the-art large screen, bringing the action closer to the audience. He will give a rare glimpse into the creative process of one of our greatest actors.
• This one night only event will end with a question and answer interactive session with the audience.


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